Important Information

Patient Information


The patient is the person to receive treatment.

The patient (or the parent/guardian) needs to be aware that dental treatment (no matter how carefully undertaken) carries risk of complications and/or need for further treatment.

Please study and complete the “New Patient Information Form” for every new patient to the practice.

Guarantor Information

The guarantor is the person who accepts financial responsibility for treatment provided. This is generally the medical aid main member and/or the financial principle of the household.

We don’t need a completed “Guarantor Information Form” for every patient, just the guarantor of the household.

The guarantor needs to be aware of the practice finance terms and payment options as stipulated below.

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Practice Finance Terms

Medical Aid Patients

We will work at the rate prescribed by your medical aid and will do electronic submission of claims. If we have your correct details we can also do confirmation of benefits in advance of treatment.

As such there should never be a need for you to pay us directly.

The exception would be if your medical aid is depleted or if a portion of the treatment is not covered on your specific plan.

Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, you will always be informed of such amounts (“co-payments”) before we proceed with treatment.

Private Patients

Most practices charge a “private” fee if you don’t belong to a medical aid. This fee is generally about 25% (or more) above the preferential “medical aid” fee.
Even if “discount” is given, the fee will still be significantly higher than what is charged for medical aid patients.
To make our services available to as many patients as possible we have decided to charge medical aid rates across the board.
Since this is already a much reduced fee, no further discount will be applicable (unless by prior arrangement).

Extraction Clinic

To serve all members of the community, we also run an extraction clinic. This is a separate area intended only for financially disadvantaged individuals (irrespective of ethnicity or race) where we treat mostly “pain and sepsis”.

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Payment Options

Medical Aid Patients

  • We’ll do electronic submission of claims

Private Patients

  • Cash

  • Credit/Debit Card (budget facility available)

  • EFT (transaction facilities are available on site)


Since we’re not registered credit providers, we can’t do a credit check and/or evaluate your ability to “pay off” any outstanding amounts. As such the law states that we are not in a position to “bill you” at the end of the month and all amounts payable by yourself needs to be settled on the day that the treatment is provided.

If credit is required we refer to registered third parties for assistance:


Extraction Clinic

  • Cash