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Our vision is to make Breede Dentistry the ONE STOP destination for ALL your dental requirements.

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Whether you need a full examination or just an immediate problem attended to, rest assured that Breede Dentistry is equipped with the latest Carestream equipment for fast, accurate digital imaging.

Even if you regularly brush and floss at home, you’re most likely missing a few bits of food/plaque here and there. Over time, the bits that are missed will become calcified and you will no longer be able to remove it on your own.

It is recommended that you visit Carin every six months to have this removed – it’s basically a “facial” for your teeth!

The longer you wait before having the calcifications removed, the more it will accumulate and the more likely you are to become “long in the tooth” and end up with gum disease.

If you suffer from gum disease a thorough assessment of your situation will be done. Most cases can be treated by Dr Brümmer and Carin. More severe cases can be referred to periodontal specialist Dr Paul Botha.

Dr Brümmer works with magnification and uses the latest techniques and (metal free / white) materials to ensure that, when a tooth needs a “filling”, it’s done right the first time.

When a tooth has deteriorated to the extent that a normal filling is no longer possible, it may need a crown. In these cases Dr Brümmer will work in partnership with the highly skilled dental technicians at Trust Dental LAB to provide the very best in crown & bridgework.

If a cavity has progressed too far, root canal therapy may be needed to remove the bacteria / necrotic tissue from the root system. Dr Brümmer works with magnification and uses the latest techniques and (Protaper) instrumentation to ensure the best possible outcome.

More complex cases may necessitate the use of a dental microscope and can be referred to endodontic specialist Dr Bennie Smit in Claremont.

Dr Brümmer will be able to handle general surgical procedures and removal of wisdom teeth.

We are fortunate that maxillofacial specialist Dr Kobus van der Colff has recently opened his rooms in Worcester for referral of more complex cases.

Most procedures can be done “in the chair” with local anesthesia whereas certain procedures are best done “in theater” under general anesthesia.

There is a “middle ground” called conscious sedation. If you suffer from dental anxiety or if your child is too young to “sit in the chair”, this may be the solution.

Contact us to find out when the next sedation session will be taking place.

Dentures come in many shapes and sizes:

  • full upper / lower
  • partial (acrylic, flexible, metal framework)
  • removable / fixed

If you’ve lost a tooth / teeth, rest assured that Dr Brümmer (working in partnership with Bhawan Dental LAB) will find a solution that best addresses your needs.

If you require an implant, a specialist will do an assessment and be in charge of surgical placement.
Once the implant has integrated into the jaw bone, Dr Brümmer will work in partnership with highly skilled dental technicians t
o manufacture and fit the prosthesis that goes on top.

If you suffer from joint pain or if you show excessive wear on your teeth, it may be due to clenching.

If indicated, Dr Brümmer will be able to have a clenching inhibitor made by the skilled technicians at Bhawan Dental LAB.

If you practise a sport (rugby, hockey, karate etc.) where oral protection is indicated, Dr Brümmer or Carin can take an impression of your mouth to have a custom fitted mouthguard made.

Dr Brümmer will make sure that your teeth are healthy and advise as to when you are ready to start with “braces”.
We are fortunate to have Dr André Roux visit our practice for 
sessions in advanced orthodontic treatment using the Damon System.

Once you’ve done all the steps of the 3 Golden Rules and you’ve been given a clean bill of dental health, you may want that “cherry on top”.

Carin will be able to answer all your questions regarding tooth whitening and use the tried and tested Opalescence system to give you that “Hollywood smile” you’ve always dreamed of!

For your convenience we stock a variety of home-care products.

The beautiful artwork on display in our rooms are for sale.